Monday, January 31, 2011

Traveling Brushes

When I travel anywhere I find it hard for me to pack. I want to bring everyyyyyyyything! So when you are going on leave what brushes do you bring? Do you bring all? or Bring just favorites? Here's what I bring...

I bring my favorite brush to apply liquid foundation, its a flat top kabuki on a stick lol and it buffs in foundation amazingly! Then next I bring a power brush, of course! and The next one that comes to a point I use to apply my highlight on my cheekbones and also a small blush brush (although I could probably leave that one because I hate blush) and then I cannot forget my contouring brush (the angled one thats all brown from my bronzer lol) and that completes my face brushes!

For the eyes, I always have to bring numerous amt of brushes because I need options lol. I bring a crease brush or two or three lol then a concealer brush I use for creams and then blending brushes (those are my favorite!) and of course and thin angled brush for my eyebrows and that completes the eyes!

Ugh that took kind of long but thats what I pack it these are a variety of brushes that range from M.A.C to Kirkland to no names.. I don't care about brand just about quality! AND not to mention they all fit into the brush holder they're laying on which is small in my eyes. Okay seriously Im done now, thanks for taking time to read this blog..

Have a Mangroful day!