Tuesday, March 17, 2009

its so disturbing when you change everything for nothing, 
no improvements, no advancements, no progress, 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Flower Inspired; Yellow, Orange, Purple

So peeps, theres the look, Hope you like. Any questions leave em with the comments and ill get back.

Items used;
MAC Fluidline- Frostlite
120 Eyeshadow Palette- Yellow&&Orange
Hello Kitty Lucky Tom Palette- Paradisco&&Creme Royal
Hello Kitty Beauty Powder Blush- Fun N Games
Hello Kitty Lipglass- Mimmy

Monday, February 23, 2009

Lucky Tom Palette Look#1

1) First start off with applying Creme Royal to the 1/3 of eyelid.

Second, apply Paradisco to the middle part of eyelid finishing it off by adding Stylin' on the outer corner.

Then, apply Lucky Tom into crease blending it upwards as well as blending it with the other colors. Once that is done apply your highlight (under eyebrow a.k.a your brow bone).

Rim your lid and waterline with eyeliner and Ba-Da-bing Ba-Da-boom!!

Other products used in this look; Lipglass in Mimmy (Hello Kitty Collection), Fun & Games on cheeks (Hello Kitty Collection), Maybelline XXL Curl Power Volume+Length Mascara, and ICING eye liner(Creme, Black), and Fix+ to set eyeshadow.