Sunday, October 10, 2010

You never know

Have you ever had one of those days where you're just like, "I feel like looking pretty and going to do nothing in public" haha (that's kind of lame that I just laughed at that but anyways...) Well one day I was having one of those days. I was like, "hmmmm, I think I'ma do my makeup and have lunch at work" which is lamesauce because who goes to their job on their DAY OFF to eat lunch by themselves.. who cares my hubby was gone for an extended period of time and I was bored.. So BACK TO THE POINT OF THIS BLOG -> I was having one of those days and LOOK who I got a chance to meet!!! Nigel Barker.. He looked so familiar and I was like Im sure I've seen him, but then I just kept eating. It wasn't until our secretary was like, "Go take a picture with him!!! He's from America's Next Top Model!!" Then I waited until he was done with his lunch.. because I'm not rude enough to inturupt his lunch yaknow..

But you never know who you'll see when you're out and about so look your best. And FYI Looking your best doesn't always mean you have to wear makeup. Sometimes I feel better with makeup on and sometimes I feel BEST when Im just Au Natural. So feeling your best has to do with your confidence and attitude so ALWAYS look your best!!

Heres one of the photos I took with Nigel Barker

Monday, October 4, 2010

Milani Liquid Eye Tech (Liquid Eyeliner)

Have you ever tried the Milani Liquid Eye Tech? I tried it out and I would have to get it 4 out of 5 stars and I have my reasons.

The Eyeliner did its job great and if you take a look at the first picture you can see what Im talking about. The color (01 Black) payoff was great and it didn't dry flaky like some liquid eyeliners I've encountered. The application was smooth and the felt tip was great as well. The issue that I did have with it don't have anything to do with the actual product as far as what it was meant for but more so the packaging. It is a very cute twist off cap which I liked but as far as size it's def a little small. The bottle or vile since it's so small is a whomping .015 fl oz. I don't actually remember how much I paid but I know that I only picked it up because it was on clearance for like 1.67 USD but I believe it's around the 5-6 USD mark. Another thing, depending on how much you use it obviously means how long you're going to have it, and I myself love to use liquid eyeliner and I use it every single day haha. To me, it seems as if it didn't last long enough. It's is indeed a great product but the downfall for me is the size. Before this I was using MAC Blacktrack Fluidline which I love but when I started using this I rather use this than the Fluidline, which is a greattttttt creme eyeliner. Anyways thats besides the point. Anyhow like I said I give it a 4 out of 5, great product just a little small. Here are a couple photos...

Thanks for reading, have a Mangroful Day!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sigma Brushes

So in no way shape or form am I sponsored by Sigma, I am simply just a customer:)
Therefore you can trust my opinion because I am not being paid to feature these products in my blog.

First off I want to say that these brushes are so reasonably priced it's ridiculous. The shipping was great, seeing as how I live in Hawaii I always give props when I receive my products within the next couple of days. I ordered on Sept 16Th and received my confirmation right then at my email. I then received another email the same day letting my know that my order had been shipped. This is off topic but I ordered off the Wet Seal website one time and never again. I seriously got a confirmation and I ALSO PAID for the faster shipping and seriously it took 2 weeks and I wasn't even in Hawaii yet. I was only annoyed because I ordered from Sephora website the next day and got my order within the first 3 days and paid for regular shipping. Anyways back to SIGMA, I ordered and got shipped my order on Sept 16 and it was delivered to my mail box 8:50 Hawaiian time (Cali is 3 hours ahead) on Sept 20Th. That is quick to me. Anyways I opened my little envelope and the brushes came in this cute red drawstring bag. It came with two pamphlets offering their brush sets.

The two brushes I chose to try out were the:
F35 Tapered Highlighting Brush 16.00 USD
E45 Small Tapered Blending Brush 9.00 USD

I know Im late on trying this line out but I def. do my research before I buy products because there's nothing I hate more than buying something that I don't even like, especially if its an online buy.

Anyhow so far I really love these brushes, the quality is great and I would def buy these over Mac brushes:) which is an awesome find because Mac brushes are really pricey and If you're like me and want to get more for your money then you should def try these brushes out!! The brushes are so soft and they work great for what they're called, the Tapered highlighting brush( the bigger brush) is so soft and fits perfecting to highlight and even contour all areas of the face. The Small tapered Blending Brush works great for blending and works perfectly in the crease, the point on the brush really helps get in there!! The company is great, shipping was quick and I def see myself purchasing from Sigma again:)

Thanks for your time, feel free to ask questions, comment etc
Have a Mangroful day !!

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My Skin & Makeup

Okay So there is a picture unedited, not in the best light but that pretty much sums it up. My skin holds up pretty well with makeup and its not too sensitive. I have been wearing makeup since i was in 7th grade which is appprx. 7 years. I have never had any real issues with breakouts. The only time I breakout really bad is when I am about to start my menstrual cycle and I don't eat healthy, so when I am on my cycle I try to drinks lots of water and no junk food and it really does help! For me at least. Anyways, the only other thing I can think of that my skin was sensitive to was an Estee Lauder Eye Cream, I put a little too much on and it must've been strong cause the eye area was all read and about to breakout but lucky for me the next couple hours it was gone. Anyways I always try to wash my face day and night but it doesn't usually go that way. But for those of you that have sensitive skin and what not, washing your face can make a difference. Trust me I am no pro and I don't know it all but i'm sure some cleansing won't do any harm right?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Watch out for ...

Hello Everybody,
I know it's been forever since I've done anything but Its time for me to get on and stick to the things I start. So in this entry i'm going to be talking about bargain hunting!! Haha for some reason it really runs in my family, we all do it. You can find really good deals anywhere, you just have to take the time to look and if you're like me... take a double dip in the store haha Anyways here are some things that I picked up for GREAT prices that I just couldn't pass...
These tank tops shown above were from a clothing shop called RAVE and I picked up those couple of tanks for only .99 cents a piece! They're great for laying or just wearing alone.

This long black shirt from Wet Seal was originally 21.50 as you can see then the price was dropped to 13.99 with and extra 70% off so with tax I ended up paying around 4.55 or something like that. The thing with this shirt is that is also has a necklace and it was on clearance b/c the chain was broke (which is removable might I add) but with links like those all you need is some sturdy tweezers and they can pinch them right back together;) !

I picked up these set of lashes and the pack of single lashes from the .99 cent store!! They are plastic:( but its from the dollar store its not gonna get any better than that and if it does, let me know ! haha But ANYWAYS they weren't uncomfortable on my eye but the thing with plastic eyelashes is that they have a shine to them but it don't bother me, usually ppl can tell a fake when they see one anyways lol.

So the couple of items above I also picked up at a dollar store, they were all a dollar each! and seeing as how they are brand names I had to grab a few, and these are things I love using.

So I used my Sephora gift card to pick up some items and I had to make the most of it, I had 20$ to spare, and my bargain senses were telling me to grab these because chances of me getting a hold of it later (my common mistake) will be slim to none. So I got each item for 10$ each and if you're into makeup, you'd know those are some steal and especially for NARS ?!?! Am I great or what!?!? haha nah, im just kidding
And I stopped off at Big Lots and saw some liquid foundation and seeing as how I need to start building my kit to do makeup I thought I'd pick a couple of these Loreal HIP items up for only 1.50 EACH !!! (the MAC foundation pumps fit these bottles too, I tried;) !) You can also find these at drugstores but prices range from about $7-10.00 (correct me if im wrong) and I tried one on in my skintone and they work GREAT! I had flawless skin and great coverage w/o the feeling of actually wearing liquid foundation.

So all in all, looking around and shopping at bargain stores really aren't that bad nor are they embarrassing, if youre an impulse shopper then bargaining might not be so bad, I mean come on you can't say I didn't find good deals cause I DID ! Just always be on a lookout for the things you like.