Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sigma Brushes

So in no way shape or form am I sponsored by Sigma, I am simply just a customer:)
Therefore you can trust my opinion because I am not being paid to feature these products in my blog.

First off I want to say that these brushes are so reasonably priced it's ridiculous. The shipping was great, seeing as how I live in Hawaii I always give props when I receive my products within the next couple of days. I ordered on Sept 16Th and received my confirmation right then at my email. I then received another email the same day letting my know that my order had been shipped. This is off topic but I ordered off the Wet Seal website one time and never again. I seriously got a confirmation and I ALSO PAID for the faster shipping and seriously it took 2 weeks and I wasn't even in Hawaii yet. I was only annoyed because I ordered from Sephora website the next day and got my order within the first 3 days and paid for regular shipping. Anyways back to SIGMA, I ordered and got shipped my order on Sept 16 and it was delivered to my mail box 8:50 Hawaiian time (Cali is 3 hours ahead) on Sept 20Th. That is quick to me. Anyways I opened my little envelope and the brushes came in this cute red drawstring bag. It came with two pamphlets offering their brush sets.

The two brushes I chose to try out were the:
F35 Tapered Highlighting Brush 16.00 USD
E45 Small Tapered Blending Brush 9.00 USD

I know Im late on trying this line out but I def. do my research before I buy products because there's nothing I hate more than buying something that I don't even like, especially if its an online buy.

Anyhow so far I really love these brushes, the quality is great and I would def buy these over Mac brushes:) which is an awesome find because Mac brushes are really pricey and If you're like me and want to get more for your money then you should def try these brushes out!! The brushes are so soft and they work great for what they're called, the Tapered highlighting brush( the bigger brush) is so soft and fits perfecting to highlight and even contour all areas of the face. The Small tapered Blending Brush works great for blending and works perfectly in the crease, the point on the brush really helps get in there!! The company is great, shipping was quick and I def see myself purchasing from Sigma again:)

Thanks for your time, feel free to ask questions, comment etc
Have a Mangroful day !!

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