Monday, October 4, 2010

Milani Liquid Eye Tech (Liquid Eyeliner)

Have you ever tried the Milani Liquid Eye Tech? I tried it out and I would have to get it 4 out of 5 stars and I have my reasons.

The Eyeliner did its job great and if you take a look at the first picture you can see what Im talking about. The color (01 Black) payoff was great and it didn't dry flaky like some liquid eyeliners I've encountered. The application was smooth and the felt tip was great as well. The issue that I did have with it don't have anything to do with the actual product as far as what it was meant for but more so the packaging. It is a very cute twist off cap which I liked but as far as size it's def a little small. The bottle or vile since it's so small is a whomping .015 fl oz. I don't actually remember how much I paid but I know that I only picked it up because it was on clearance for like 1.67 USD but I believe it's around the 5-6 USD mark. Another thing, depending on how much you use it obviously means how long you're going to have it, and I myself love to use liquid eyeliner and I use it every single day haha. To me, it seems as if it didn't last long enough. It's is indeed a great product but the downfall for me is the size. Before this I was using MAC Blacktrack Fluidline which I love but when I started using this I rather use this than the Fluidline, which is a greattttttt creme eyeliner. Anyways thats besides the point. Anyhow like I said I give it a 4 out of 5, great product just a little small. Here are a couple photos...

Thanks for reading, have a Mangroful Day!!

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  1. i was just looking at this the other day at the store but i didnt buy it cuz of the size.. looks like a good buy though!