Monday, January 25, 2010

My Skin & Makeup

Okay So there is a picture unedited, not in the best light but that pretty much sums it up. My skin holds up pretty well with makeup and its not too sensitive. I have been wearing makeup since i was in 7th grade which is appprx. 7 years. I have never had any real issues with breakouts. The only time I breakout really bad is when I am about to start my menstrual cycle and I don't eat healthy, so when I am on my cycle I try to drinks lots of water and no junk food and it really does help! For me at least. Anyways, the only other thing I can think of that my skin was sensitive to was an Estee Lauder Eye Cream, I put a little too much on and it must've been strong cause the eye area was all read and about to breakout but lucky for me the next couple hours it was gone. Anyways I always try to wash my face day and night but it doesn't usually go that way. But for those of you that have sensitive skin and what not, washing your face can make a difference. Trust me I am no pro and I don't know it all but i'm sure some cleansing won't do any harm right?

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